We are experts at customizing your dentures so that they naturally blend into your facial features. A well-crafted pair of dentures can completely transform your smile and give you the ability to chew, smile, and speak normally again.

Several different types of dentures can be fabricated to suit your specific needs and replace your missing teeth.

  • Complete or Full Dentures replace all of your upper and lower teeth

  • Partial Dentures replace only the teeth that you are missing and are made to anchor onto your remaining natural teeth.

  • Immediate Dentures replace all of your bad teeth the same day they are removed. This way you will never be without teeth.

Complete, partial and immediate dentures rest on the gums and can have some movement, especially if your jaw bone has become smaller with age. In these situations, we have the ability to convert your dentures into Overdentures by placing dental implants. Instead of resting on the gums, your dentures attach implants and are great for further stabilizing and securing your dentures.